Earl Thomas - Intersection


Intersection is where Earl Thomas crosses over to a new level of excellence.

Earl Thomas returns with Intersection, his first album to have been completely recorded in Memphis. It’s a stylistic breakthrough on several fronts. Not only is he passionately singing blues and soul on his second release from Memphis International, he’s got a new jazz-rock groove going that’s a breath of fresh air and sets him apart from so many singers who go through the motions in a generic way.

Produced by Memphis International co-founder David Less and mixed at Ardent Studios, Intersection saw Earl journeying from his California base to collaborate with musicians and writers in Memphis with some exciting results. “No Two Wrongs” was written with frequent Al Green songwriter Earl Randle while a raft of new originals shows his growth as a composer. Beyond those, Earl pulls some amazing rockin’ rabbits out of his hat: a version of The Rolling Stone’s “Brown Sugar” presents another point of view on the saga of slavery and depravity while his brilliant cover of “Bang A Gong,” the T-Rex classic has caused a sensation among those who have previewed it. Then there’s his compelling version of “Working Together” that seems to have caught rock ‘n roll forefather Ike Turner’s attention in a big way.

Earl is now booked by DeLeon Artists (Etta James) so he’s sure to bring his brand of soulful exuberance to an ever growing fan base. Intersection is where Earl Thomas crosses over to a new level of excellence.

More Information
Catalog Number MIR2009
Release Date Nov 22, 2015
Artist Earl Thomas
Record Label Memphis International Records
Music Genre Blues
Explicit Content No
Format CD
Number of Discs 1
Box Lot Quantity 30
Track List
  1. Workin' Together
  2. The Higher Ground (Everything Is Alright)
  3. The Bright Side of You (Let Me See)
  4. Bang a Gong
  5. Sweet Like Sugar
  6. The Lucky One
  7. Life of My Broken Heart
  8. No Two Wrongs
  9. Your Daddy's Eyes
  10. Brown Sugar
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